Artist RoRo Yone Rejects a Half-Million Dollars

Artist RoRo Yone Rejects a Half-Million Dollars

Originally from the Philippines, Rodolfo Goyone Jr. (known as RoRo Yone) comes from humble beginnings with a deep appreciation for life, feeling grateful for a chance to wake up and enjoy a warm meal. Music was his way to express his point of view of life. RoRo Yone moved to the Washington DC Metropolitan area at age 15, where his music career blossomed. In 2005, RoRo produced his first home-made album titled 'Someday'. Through the years, he continued to work on music helping others achieve their goals as well, but he did this quietly.

Fast forward to 2020, RoRo Yone released a song 'Make It Bounce', which caught the attention of Christopher Starr, CEO of CSP Music Group.

RoRo began his artist development program with CSP Music Group, which resulted in his first professional 6-track EP 'Bones' released in June 2021. Within 19 days, 'Make It Bounce' had peaked at #7 on the Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Charts.

Being in demand, RoRo Yone began his performances at MGM Grand in Maryland, which trended all the way to Canada, sparking attention from a record label that offered RoRo to perform alongside major artists. This opportunity came with a $500K record deal. As a kid, this would have been RoRo's dream come true, but due to experience and intuition, RoRo Yone declined the offer.

Instead, he pursued a much bigger vision and built his own empire; including access to industry-level music production, distribution, publications, and establishing Yone Entertainment.

RoRo Yone is about to shake up the music industry with his next up-tempo Hip-Hop single called 'My Ex', an edgy relatable storyline guaranteed to catch millions of listeners' attention. Expected to be released in August, follow RoRo Yone on Instagram @roroyone to be the first to know of the release date.

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